5 exciting destinations to spend the weekend in Romania: from medieval citadels to national parks

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Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with a variety of landscapes, cultures, and unique histories. There are plenty of wonderful places to visit in Romania, but here are a few highly recommended ones for a weekend getaway:


This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania, and for good reason. The medieval city offers stunning scenery, with the surrounding hills and the impressive citadel, which can be seen from a viewpoint in the city. Plus, the city offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore.


This is one of the best-preserved medieval citadels in Europe and the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for the Dracula character. In addition to the citadel, Sighisoara offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and a picturesque square.

Danube Delta

This is a unique natural reserve, with a variety of landscapes, from reed beds to lakes and canals. The Danube Delta is known for birdwatching, but it’s also a great place to explore nature and see wildlife such as bison and wolves.


This is a mountainous region in northern Romania, known for its traditional houses and Maramures-style churches. Maramures is also a great place for hiking and exploring nature.

Bran Castle

This castle is known as “Dracula’s Castle” and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Romania. The castle offers stunning views of the Carpathian Mountains and is a great place to explore the country’s history.

There are many other wonderful places to visit in Romania, but these are some of the top recommendations for a weekend getaway. Each location offers a unique and adventurous experience, and these are just a few of the options available.


Another popular destination to visit is the city of Cluj-Napoca, located in Transylvania. The city is an important cultural center and is known for its world-renowned university, as well as its picturesque streets and lively nightlife. Additionally, the city offers a variety of museums and theaters to explore.

Retezat National Park

Another popular destination is Retezat National Park, located in the Retezat Mountains in the southwest of the country. This is a great place for hiking, with trails for all levels of difficulty, and offers amazing views of the mountain landscapes.


And last but not least, Bucharest, the capital city, is a great place to visit. The city offers a variety of options for tourists, from museums and historical monuments to parks and restaurants. While in the city, be sure not to miss the opportunity to visit the Palace of the Parliament, the largest administrative building in the world after the White House.

Regardless of the chosen destination for the weekend, Romania offers a variety of options for those looking to explore the country and enjoy its natural and cultural beauty. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need to fully enjoy your trip.

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